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    • 09 Nov 2017
    • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Guild Shop
    • 4

    Beginner SIG - Hands-on Lab

    Time is free but registration is required for this special session

    The Basics Series was designed as a lecture-only program, and a common request is to have some hands-on opportunities.  This session provides an opportunity to close the hands-on gap.

    There is a size limit for this meeting, whereas for normal Beginner SIG meetings there is no limit and only optional registration.  A second open lab is planned for next March, and if these two are valuable, we hope they will be once a quarter.  A small fee might be required in the future.

    This is not a class.  It is an open lab, but focused on the bench room and hand tools.  Several experienced mentors will be available to lead small groups or individuals through some exercises or discussions.  A shop attendant will be available to do some limited work on power tools, but as an exception.  

    Several focus projects are contemplated (materials will be available), but send an email to if you have other specific desires.  Examples are:

    - build a bench hook, push stick, sanding board or sanding blocks
    - build a miter box, using a technique by Doug Stowe, for your saw
    - start a collection of different sample woods sawn and planed to a standard size
    - practice chopping a mortise and making a corresponding tenon, by hand
    - practice making a dovetail joint using hand tools and a Moxon vise
    - make a pair of chop sticks using a chop stick maker with a small plane
    - explore the shops sharpening equipment
    - practice sharpening a chisel, yours or one of the shop's
    - bring a project of your own

    The shop will be open for the four hour block, but you can come and go as you want.  

    In order to plan, you not only have to register but you have to send an email to to choose one or more projects of interest so materials can be planned.

    This is your time to make some progress in skill building.  Break the ice and get started working on something you've been procrastinating on.


    • 13 Nov 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • MAC - Room 7
    • 25

    CNC Strategy Session
    Roger Crooks

    CNC Strategy Planning – Nov 13, 7-9 at the MAC (Room 7)

    We have had a lot of questions and requests about CNC classes.  As a result, I am planning a meeting for all those interested in CNC.  This is a free meeting - no charge.

    Phase I

    The purpose of this first 2-hour meeting is to get an idea of how many people are interested in CNC.  We will have a speaker who will talk about what is available on the market today and some words about how to get started.  The second hour will be a discussion about what type of classes you would be interested in attending.

    Some initial comments;

    1. The focus is on using a CNC machine, not building a CNC machine.  If you are interested in building one, there are a ton of videos and papers on-line.
    2. Our focus will be on using a CNC machine.  As most of you know, a CNC machine will do what you tell it to do.  The learning curve is steep on how to tell it what you want to do.
    3. The target audience will be beginners, those who just bought (or about to buy) a CNC machine and those who would like to improve your skills.  In general, the size of the machine does not matter, as the same software will control small and big machines.
    4. If you are a current CNC user we welcome you attending for your advice and help. 

    Phase II – Classes

    After this planning meeting, I am looking at classes starting in Q1.  I will be looking for someone who can teach the software – probably Vcarve, which seems to be a popular application included with many machines.

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