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Jacquelyn Smith
Business Name: Perfecr45Degree
Location: Portland, OR 97202
Phone: 541-335-1598 

My background in both fine art and the construction industry has given me an unusual approach to woodworking and furniture making. I am an artist who makes usable, beautiful objects with wood.

I have a BFA from Cooper Union in NYC, NY and was a contractor for over 15 years designing and remodeling homes in New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Eugene, Oregon. While studying fine art and learning how to carve wood I also studied woodworking and cabinetry. Later I worked for a couple of architectural woodworking shops in Oregon where I learned in a commercial environment.

For me, beauty is equally valued with the usefulness of what I create. My goal is to make furniture that up-lifts our spirit. If I can do that even in a few pieces I have contributed well.

I make furniture, boxes, jewelry and more. I love to design and build my own work as well as contract commissions for clients. My passion lies in discovery, invention and the appreciation of process.

Thanks for taking a look!


 Dining Table

Dining Room Table made from a Guanacaste Parota Slab and base made of Shedua. Fine woodworking by Jacquelyn Smith

This table measures 2 3/8" thick x 10' 5" long, 42" wide and is about 29 1/2" high. It is finished with Waterlox. When it cures fully it is very durable and repairable and non-toxic.

This table was custom made and designed. They fell in love with the slab and hired me to create the table. Imagine waking up to this table in your home! It was certainly a pleasure to work on each day.

 Outside Dining Table


Gorgeous, all natural clear finish, RECLAIMED WOOD, dinning table measuring 3' wide for intimacy and 9' long! Seats 10 comfortably. That's right, the woods are naturally this color and will enrich with age. Fine woodworking by Jacquelyn Smith.

You can make your table the size that works best for your space. I now can offer this wood in many applications. I have plans to make a sideboard cabinet, coffee tables, benches, sofa table and more! Inquire today about your project!

**Made from repurposed dunnage from shipping railroad rails across the world.

Made by Jacquelyn Smith of Perfect45Degree.

Finished with Waterlox. A water proof 103 year old floor finish made from oils and resins. Easy to repair, its a natural finish, and feels and looks real. Top is constructed in four sections measuring 36" x 27".

 Zebrawood Dining Table

 82 X 43 X 2 1/4 I believe the photos speak for themselves. Zebrawood is a very sexy luxurious and interesting wood. Light dances on the bright grain lines and night or day this surface draws the viewer in to touch!

Base welded from pickled steel to have a lighter finished color without a brushed or sanded surface. There are many options regarding bases and materials, please feel free to inquire if interested. 


Farm Table:

This extra long farm table was made from 150 year old quarter-sawn oak that once was a work bench top for the Natural History Museum. The oak had been doweled together, sliced, stained and hammered. The boards were cupped and worn. I removed all of the hide glue from the joints as the table had been taken apart before it reached me. I refinished the top by hand and blended in the distress in the areas that needed heavy planing. 
I distressed the base to match the oak top and constructed the frame in a typical farm table style. 


Mondrian Inspired Dine Table:

Re-purposed Douglas Fir dining table seats 8. It measures 41" wide, 85 3/4" long and the height is adjustable from 29".

Piet Mondrian inspired inlay of American Cherry, Walnut and Jatoba on a repurposed Douglas Fir base. I used floor beams to construct the top. The breadboard ends are clear, quarter-sawn Douglas Fir. An amazing piece for any home!


Window Table:

Fine Woodworking by Jacquelyn Smith. This beautiful window table will accent any room and is full of luscious details.

Made from Sycamore, English Walnut, Claro Walnut and American Cherry. Made to order. Start a conversation with me about your custom table.

Inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian, I designed this for a local couple to fill out their living room. Being the art collectors they are, they have returned for another table this year!


Coffee table:

Beautiful glass coffee table with fine woodworking bringing art into your home with a subtle, minimal. clean look! These are installation photos. Please drop me a note if you would like to learn more.


Circuit Board Design Dining Table:

Custom dining room table made for a computer engineer honors a lifetime of work and success!

Most of the circuits in this creation are directly taken from her own circuit board designs. The main 2 3/4" thick table is made of Alderwood, the inlay is American Cherry, Walnut, Jatoba and English Beech.

Deciding to have a piece of custom furniture made for you is an exciting adventure. I listen to the clients I work with and combine the information I receive with my own inspirations. The results end up in a tangible beautiful thing that you get to live with and a story behind each piece. Furniture built to endure generations of use.


Headboard, Dresser:

Dresser, Headboard, Bedside tables, Reading lights and more! Fine woodworking by Jacquelyn Smith.

I made this commission piece for a couple who wanted an open screen headboard and discovered that they needed a dresser, jewelry drawer, storage cubbies and charging stations (for cell phones and other electronics). Two recessed light fixtures are built into the headboard and each bedside has a pullout with bookshelf, bins and recessed drawer!

I used the long curves of grass as my design inspiration and incorporated walnut and tigerwood inlay in front of the dresser and carried these lines into the headboard curves. (the tigerwood will deepen in a reddish color with age).

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