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Dust Collection Equipment Offline

  • 18 Jan 2017 9:16 PM
    Message # 4556075

    I will be SA in the morning but the dust collection system is still offline due to necessary repairs.  As a result, the large equipment (sliding table saw; large jointer; large planer and wide belt sander cannot be used.  There is a roll-a-round Jet dust collection system that can be attached to some of the smaller machines including the smaller jointer and a lunch box planer.  The use of other equipment will have to be a Shop Assistant decision based upon the amount of dust that may be generated as indicated by the nature of the intended use.

    This is my current understanding and I am posting it in an effort to provide some written direction on the website.  If my understanding is incorrect and needs modification, please note this on this forum since there does not appear at this time to be a better place to provide the information.

    I hope this is helpful.  A potential or scheduled user for a shift is encouraged to contact the respective shop attendant if he/she has questions about machine use.

    OM Ray indicates that as soon as parts are received the DCS will be fixed and again operational.

  • 19 Jan 2017 9:36 AM
    Reply # 4557214 on 4556075

    Gary you have it right.  This is exactly where this information should be posted.  Any time the shop is not 100% available then it should be noted here.  With the message getting out to everyone.  Our webmaster has created this (most useful) tool for us and all SAs, shop people, mgmt, etc should avail themselves of it on a regular basis.  

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